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Almost every time we buy a drink we are confronted with a moral problem: a single-use plastic straw. Now that we are becoming aware of the impact this is having on our world (especially our oceans) we can all agree: there has to be a better way.

Natural Bamboo Lady aims to provide sustainable, easy-to-use and beautiful products so we can all help reduce the plastic soup.

We are starting off with a bamboo straw to show you how awesome bamboo is. You can order immediately so we can get the straws to your doorstep a.s.a.p.


It’s easy to grow, sustainable to farm, profitable for local economies, beautiful and versatile, easy to clean, biodegradable, and fun to use.

In Asia, bamboo has been an important part of daily life for millennia. It has proven its safety and utility by the test of time without harming the environment in any way despite the scale of its usage in many products.


It grows like crazy

Bamboo is not actually a tree, but is in fact a grass, and one of the fastest growing grasses in the world at that. Some species grow as much as 1 foot per day. They reach maturity at 3 – 5 years, far faster than slow-growing hardwoods. making them ideal as a plantation crop.


In fact, bamboo may just be one of the strongest natural materials on the planet. It has a greater tensile strength (resistance to being pulled apart) than steel and withstands compression better than concrete. Simply put, it’s one of the most versatile and durable natural resources on earth.

It is a truly renewable resource

Due to its fast growth and the fact that it requires no replanting, bamboo is one of the great renewable resources. Think of it like a grass. When you cut it, it keeps growing so to harvest the bamboo you don’t need to cut down the entire plant as bamboo keeps producing new shoots, providing a constant supply.


It really is punching above its weight in the carbon stakes. Bamboo absorbs carbon dioxide and produces 35% more oxygen than hardwood trees, making it crucial in stabilizing our planet’s atmosphere. Using bamboo in products prevents the carbon from getting back into the atmosphere.

It’s extremely versatile

Like that annoying friend that seems to do everything better, bamboo can replace wood for almost every application. It has been used for everything from food, paper, flooring, construction, medicine, weaponry and even as an aphrodisiac! What’s more, bamboo fibers are much less likely to warp from atmospheric conditions.

It’s fun and beautiful

Bamboo is such a fun material to use because it always looks good and always feels great. Bamboo has been used for centuries in Asia and makes life easier for a lot of people every single day. Not to mention how beautiful it is.

Many options for many drinks


Serve your drink with a straw that’s “juuuust right”. Bamboo straws (as opposed to metal or glass) are light and pleasant to the touch with your hands AND your lips.

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Natural Bamboo Lady offers custom-made solutions for your business while retaining the benefits of our best-price-guarantee and quality assurance. We help you get your hands on bamboo branded straws so you can start serving your customers the very best.

Research shows that businesses with a sustainability-focus can rely on increased customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

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