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Sustainable Bamboo Straws, Cutlery and Toothbrushes


Plastic straws, cutlery and other utensils (also known as single-use plastics) are cheap and disposable. This makes them convenient for businesses as well as consumers to use and dispose.

The problem: this convenience is wreaking havoc on marine life and other natural environments alike. It has allowed single-use plastics to pollute and tarnish some of the most beautiful places on our planet, possibly beyond repair.

As if that is not enough; single-use plastics (like other polymers) are created from a finite resource (oil) and have proven difficult to collect, let alone recycle, even in the most wealthy and advanced nations of our planet.

That is why the EU decided to ban all single-use plastic cutlery, cotton buds, straws and stirrers by 2021.

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It’s time to fall in love with Bamboo

Natural Bamboo Lady’s offers sustainable, easy and convenient alternatives for single-use plastic products. We are starting with 100% bamboo straws, bamboo cutlery and charcoal-infused toothbrushes.

100% organic
100% natural
100% safe

Our products are made from organic, naturally grown bamboo. They are free of chemicals and safe to use in hot, as well as cold foods and beverages.

A sustainable & timeless material

Bamboo (Bambusoideae) is praised for its strength, vitality, versatility and beauty all over the world. In Asia bamboo has been an important plant for millennia and to this day provides the raw material for a vast array of construction-materials, tools, utensils, as decoration and even as a food source.

Bamboo can grow up to one meter a day, reduces carbon dioxide 5x more efficiently than any other plant and produces 35% more oxygen than trees.

Bamboo grows really fast

Bamboo is not actually a tree, but a species of grass: one of the fastest growing grasses in the world. Some species grow as much as 30cm/1 foot per day. They reach maturity within 3-5 years, which is much faster than slow-growing hardwoods, making them ideal as a plantation crop.


Bamboo may just be one of the strongest natural materials on the planet. It has a greater tensile strength (resistance to being pulled apart) than steel and withstands compression better than concrete. Simply put, it’s one of the most versatile and durable natural resources on earth.

Is a truly renewable resource

Due to its fast growth and the fact that it requires no replanting, bamboo is one of the great renewable resources. Think of it like a grass: when you cut it, it keeps growing. When harvesting bamboo we don’t need to cut down the entire plant, which keeps producing new shoots, thereby providing a constant supply of bamboo.

May be the ultimate Carbon Warrior

Bamboo absorbs carbon dioxide and produces 35% more oxygen than hardwood trees, making it a potential ally in purifying our planet’s atmosphere. Using bamboo products is not only sustainable; it has a net-positive effect on climate change, possibly undoing some of the damaging effects of fossil fuels.

Is extremely versatile

Bamboo can replace wood in many applications and it has been used for everything from food, paper, flooring, construction, medicine, weaponry and even as an aphrodisiac! What’s more, bamboo fibers are much less likely to warp from atmospheric conditions and are very resilient to bacteria and fungi.

And fun to use

Bamboo is a fun material to use because it looks good and feels great, even in your mouth. Soft to the touch and flexible yet difficult to break or splinter. Bamboo has been used for centuries in Asia and makes life easier for a lot of people every single day, not only for its utility but just as much for its serene beauty.


100% biodegradable, easy to clean & fast drying


Our straws can last up to 4 months with consecutive use, provided they experience at least one drying-cycle every 24 hours. They are easy to clean and dry quickly. After 4 months of use they can be discarded and will start decomposing naturally.

We offer 12 different variations in diameter & length so you don’t have to worry about convenience and looks.

A perfect fit for every drink

12 different sizes

You can choose your sizes when you order. We can help you decide which ones to pick depending on usage scenario(s).

4 diameters
3 lengths
⭆ with- or without engraving

Add a personal message to your order


All our products can optionally be engraved with your logo or message. You can choose to engrave your logo, a message or both. There are some size-limitations, but most vector-based logo’s are suitable for this process. If not, we will guide you through the process of converting your logo and message so you get the best result.

Engraving does not influence the quality, safety or longevity of the product.

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