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100% biodegradable, easy to clean & fast drying


Our straws can last up to 4 months with consecutive use, provided they experience at least one drying-cycle every 24 hours. They are easy to clean and dry quickly. After 4 months of use they can be discarded and will start decomposing naturally.

4 months of regular use per straw
12 different sizes (3 diameters, 4 lengths)

✓ Suitable for laser-engraved logo or message

We offer 12 different variations in diameter & length so you don’t have to worry about convenience and looks.

A perfect fit for every drink

12 different sizes

You can choose your sizes when you order. We can help you decide which ones to pick depending on usage scenario(s).

4 diameters
3 lengths
⭆ with- or without engraving

Our bamboo straws come in a range of sizes to suit different styles and beverages.

Please note that sizes are not precise, with the product being entirely natural, we guarantee the size within small tolerances.

Handy and portable

Bamboo CUTLERY with 3 choices of coating

100% bamboo cutlery with a choice of 3 coatings; FDA-approved food-safe acrylic coating, beeswax or virgin coconut oil, to ensure durability and smoothness.

Forks, Spoons & Knives
20cm / 7.9″ long
Lightweight & easy to carry in your bag.
Optional Batik hygiene pouch.

✓ Suitable for laser-engraved logo or message

Whiter, healthier teeth; the organic way

Bamboo & Charcoal TOOTH BRUSH

Organic Bamboo handle
 BPA-free nylon Activated Charcoal brushes

✓ Suitable for laser-engraved logo or message

A present from the tropics

Cotton BATIK pouches

Ideal for storing and carrying straws, cutlery and toothbrushes with you wherever you go. Easy to wash and patterned in Batik: a traditional Indonesian printing technique featuring exquisite patterns and colors.

Our pouches are 100% cotton and produced locally in Indonesia.

Batik printed pouches come in many different patterns, colors and varieties. The designs shown here are an indication. Many more exist, and we are happy to show you all the options.

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